Inside the buildout of Milk Cult’s new motorcycle sidecar freezer

Milk Cult is hitting the streets this summer, vending ice cream sandwiches from a custom-built freezer attached as a sidecar to a motorbike. Pretty awesome, right? Almost as awesome as the ice cream sandwiches themselves – recent flavors have included salted caramel ice cream with a popcorn macaron cookie (in collaboration with UK’s DC Patisserie) and avocado ice cream with a dark chocolate cookie.

Here’s what Ed Cornell (one half of Milk Cult) had to say about their new project:

I’ve worked on a bunch of motorcycle projects in the past and I knew that whatever was going on the sidecar had to be light and insulated. I went with Levitra XPS foam which is cheap and available, it has issues in some applications with expanding and contracting in heat but I’m wrapping these panels in fiberglass and epoxy resin which has some flex characteristics so it should be fine. ┬áThe finished freezer should be able to hold our delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches while we tour the city. ┬áThe Bike is a Honda CB550 that we’ve been fixing up. Going at the bike with an angle grinder we’ve removed a lot of the unnecessary stuff. We hope to be on the road before too long to get our Ice Cream Sandwiches and Cold Brewed Coffee out to the masses.