Glover’s Pepper Sauce


Glover’s Pepper Sauce was crafted over a two-year period by me, Jamie Glover, before I joined Union Kitchen and decided to take it to market.  This sauce is addictive.  Watch out.  I have a vision to create what is missing in restaurants and on shelves in markets, and that is condiments that Wow! you.  Well made, naturally produced, good for you, and great tasting condiments. We are not just a hot sauce company. Our visions of the future include vintage productions of artisanal vinegars, relishes, mayos and the like.

It all began two years ago with the creation of my signature Spicy Hot Pickled Hot Pepper Relish, lovingly called Glover’s Pepper Sauce after my grandfather, Bill Glover, the namesake of the company. Our second product sold currently is our Pepper Infused Vinegar.


My Pepper Sauce has the perfect heat vs. flavor balance. The Spicy Vinegar is simply delicious vinegar flavored with my hot peppers. I may very well have created the best pepper sauce in the world, full of flavor and not too hot. You can use it on anything as a spread, a dipping sauce, or a blend-in to create your own savory treat. It is a shortcut to spice and flavor for your recipes at home from soups to meats. I have been told it is a foodie’s dream and very addictive. It is honest, with no preservatives, no added salt or artificial flavors. Both vinegar and sauce use 5 unique peppers, pickling spices, and vinegar.

Why do I do it? I was inspired by my grandfather, a man who was the waist gunner on a B-24 Bomber in WWII. Everything from the style, to the flavor, to the label and the throwback imagery is to honor a time and age when men enjoyed making things, fixing things, working hard for their family and community. For myself, I love the art of creating. I began with a desire to make my own pickles, then I started pickling every vegetable imaginable, this developed into an expertise in the art of how pickled peppers blend perfectly.


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