Artisans Gather for Produced In DC Dinner

The District of Colombia may have been born out of politics, but it has since grown to incorporate a thriving food economy that prospers and produces with no political aspirations. DC is home to artisanal food production and each year the number of food entrepreneurs grows and the existing small food businesses matures.

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Within the walls of Union Kitchen we are home to over 55 small food business. And that is in just ONE building. The number of artisanal producers in DC is growing at a fantastic rate.  Union Kitchen has 10 members and alumni who have or will open a brick and mortar store of their own in 2014.  That is 10 more local food businesses that will be on the streets of DC this year.

In order to facilitate communication and community between the various producers of DC, a dinner party of EPIC proportions was initiated. Union Kitchen put together this Produced in DC dinner to showcase the growth of the local food production scene and to highlight some of the best producers.  In many cases, these are the first producers of their kind within D.C.’s borders. DC Brau was the first brewery; New Columbia Distillers the first distillery; Sona Creamery the first and only on–site cheese-making facility.

With design by the lovely folks over at Capitol Romance, the WeWork office space in the WonderBread Factory in Shaw was transformed into a potluck dinner for artisanal food and drink producers. The entire affair was photographed by the District’s own Rachel Couch of A Muse Photography.

The brilliant and fearless alcohol producers, DC Brau and New Columbia Distillers, brought their A-game with DC Brau beer and a Green Hat Gin rickey. While cocktails and beer were being consumed, the hor d’oeuvres were set, featuring Duck Proscuitto and Spalla by Cured DC and Chévre with accoutrements by Sona Creamery.

With beverages in hand the fiesta moved to dinner with Momos stuffed with Kimchi and other fermented goodies  by Number 1 Sons,  Bò Bún  by James Wozniuk of Toki Underground and Makketo, and Semi-Cured Spanish Chorizo by Cured DC Despite the serious gorging that happened via dinner everyone had room for Rhubarb Bread Pudding and Sour Cream Sorghum Ice Cream by local sweet extraordinaire Meredith Tomason of Rare Sweets.

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