Undone Chocolate

What We Do
photo2Undone Chocolate makes bean to bar, craft chocolate in Washington, DC. We create small batches of antioxidant rich organic chocolate with beans sourced directly from small producers. Our dark chocolate contains only two ingredients: organic cacao and organic sugarcane, which is the basis for all of our antioxidant rich chocolate bars.

Why We Went Into Food

Founders Adam and Kristen Kavalier came to chocolate from different directions: Adam from science and Kristen from addiction. Adam stumbled upon cacao while getting his PhD in plant chemistry and became obsessed with the cocoa bean as a source of antioxidants.

After making small batches in their NYC apartment and running science experiments on the quality of beans, Adam and Kristen realized they wanted to share their passion for handcrafted, bean to bar antioxidant rich chocolate and get everyone hooked, especially in the District. They moved cities and started Undone Chocolate in 2014.

What Have We Learned

You make friends with chocolate.
It is possible to survive on chocolate for days at a time.
Everything about chocolate making takes 3 times longer than expected.

photo3What We Love

Chocolate. Blissed-out faces of people who eat our chocolate. And the I-can’t-believe-chocolate-comes-from-a-tree-and-takes-three-weeks-to-make looks when we explain how chocolate is made and how we preserve the amazing properties to, well, get that blissed-out look on your face.


What Is Next For Us

Tastings, tours, trips to the jungle, and more chocolate.

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