Union Kitchen builds successful food businesses.

Our kitchen, distribution company, and grocery stores make up a food system that drives value to food businesses at every stage of growth. Through our expertise and operations, businesses gain access to the opportunities they need to accelerate their success.

Union Kitchen was born out of necessity. Co-founders Jonas Singer & Cullen Gilchrist opened The Blind Dog Café in 2012.

Demand for Blind Dog’s award-winning chocolate chip cookies quickly outgrew the Café’s small on-site kitchen, and the search for a larger production space led to a 7,500 square-foot warehouse – the only viable commercial kitchen available in the District. Soon after moving into the space, Singer & Gilchrist faced a different challenge – too much space. After recognizing that there must be other food companies in need of production space, Singer & Gilchrist decided to share the kitchen and its amenities with other culinary businesses looking to produce and expand.

The demand from local business was immediate. Union Kitchen: NoMa opened in 2012, and as its Membership grew, Union Kitchen took notice of the common challenges that Member businesses encountered, such as the inability to distribute and lack of access to capital. In response, the Union Kitchen team developed more efficient and innovative business services, enabling Member businesses to successfully compete on a national and international scale.

Union Kitchen now has a retail outlet, Union Kitchen Grocery, in Capitol Hill, and has expanded to a 16,000 square foot production space in Ivy City. Join us in building our city by supporting local food businesses.

Create. Contribute. Prosper.