The Cake Courtesan

cake courtesan 1What we do

The Cake Courtesan creates luxury Wedding & Event Cakes, and Sweet Tables for all types of social and corporate events. With an eye for designs that are far beyond the ordinary, my focus is on using the latest industry trends and techniques and use fashion, jewelry, stationary and florals as our inspiration. My favorite designs are providing cakes that have both a personal meaning and tell a story about the couple or recipient.

Why we went into food

I decided to go into cake design to provide the area with a cake designer who not only focused more on quality than quantity, but also who was able to provide designs that were more trendy, or current in style and technique. I spent many years training and mentoring with some of the best cake designers in the industry. Secondly, I take the time to get to know my clients and provide them with not only sketches, but mock-ups and partial design elements until they can get a completely unique design that they are 100% thrilled with. I don’t have a pick by picture/pick by number type approach. Everything I do is completely custom and one of a kind.

cake courtesan 2

What we have learned

I have learned to not apologize for my style. I get asked if I can do simple cake designs, and although I can – and I will, I do prefer to have customer’s see that I can do way beyond the ordinary and have them extend the boundaries of the traditional. And secondly, that taste is equally as important as appearance. I love when I am told that there wasn’t enough because so many guests went back for seconds. I strive to ensure that my flavor profiles add an element of surprise to their taste buds.

What we love

I love, love, love the creative aspect of cake design! Each creation is an opportunity to either try something new, or one-up a design that I have already done. I find it exciting when a customer tells me their story, and I can interpret it into a unique cake. That is what I love the most about wedding cakes. As each couple is different, I love to bring elements that represent the uniqueness of their union in the design, in either big or small ways. I’ve done things as simple as putting fish tacos on a wedding cake, to making a cake shaped like a movie reel with photos of the recipients life coming down the cake – and it was all edible!cake courtesan 3

What is next for us

I’ve done the brick and mortar thing ~ twice! It is something that is definitely not for me to do again. The day-to-day making of products for walk-in sales was pretty stressful for me and my family. My ideal goal would be to have a closed, private kitchen where I can solely focus on producing bigger cakes. Right now, I love being at Union Kitchen as I have a work-life balance and can put my attention towards creating cakes with a high level of detail and personalization, and not worry about getting as many cakes out the door as quickly as possible. And what makes you happier than doing what you love?

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You can try to ignore the fact, but August is coming to its inevitable end. It’s time to say goodbye to lazy summer days and get ready for hectic fall schedules. Back-to-school season means it’s back to planning quick meals and packing lunches and snacks for kids and adults alike.

Don’t let wholesome, delicious food be an afterthought this fall. Many of Union Kitchen’s members make it easy for you to keep good food on-hand at all times, even on your busiest days.

BananaLoveMuffinPackageFor a healthy, on-the-go breakfast that will satisfy picky eaters, try mini muffins from Banana Love Muffins. These vegan muffins are low in fat and come in several flavors, including original banana, wild blueberry banana, and chocolate chip banana. If you’re a smoothie addict but don’t have time to blend your own on weekday mornings, Green Hope Smoothie has got you covered. Flavors like raspberry bouche, pineapple medley, and vegan blueberry/ginger/avocado come in convenient, eight-ounce bottles for a quick, nutritious breakfast.

Alumnus member 2Armadillos’ roasted chickpeas are the perfect after-school snack or late-afternoon boost at work. Keep a stash of one-ounce pouches in your pantry or desk, and you’ll always be prepared when hunger strikes. For another crunchy snack to satisfy savory or sweet afternoon cravings, try the “junior size” bags of a wide variety of flavors from the Popcorn Queens.

TeenyHandPiesSome of DC’s best bakers and confectioners make portable sweet treats. The Capital Candy Jar’s chocolate-covered pretzel sticks are the perfect nibble of chocolaty, salty goodness anytime of day. Teeny Lamothe of Teeny Pies makes hand pies, individual-sized version of the classic, all-American dessert. A hand pie is a nice surprise in a mid-week lunchbox or a special end to a casual meal at home. Biting into a fruit-filled hand pie can even give you a little taste of summer—and a moment to relax—this fall.

Union Kitchen on NPR

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Photo by Rebecca Dickerson

NPR’s Allison Aubrey visited our headquarters and spoke with co-founders Cullen Gilchrist and Jonas Singer about the support Union Kitchen provides for small and local businesses. Be sure to both listen to the audio and read the blog post to get the full story!

Special thanks to Whisked!, Capital Kombucha, and Ice Cream Jubilee for taking time out of their busy schedule to be interviewed. We’re proud of the work everyone at Union Kitchen does and so happy to be working with everyone here!