Today marked the start of Union Kitchen Instagram Takeover, where a Member takes over Instagram for the day. Teeny, the founder of Teeny Pies,  took over the reins today for Union Kitchen, posting throughout the day. She shared how she prepares for Thanksgiving and the official start of the Holiday Season. Everything looked amazing and we were so happy to get to stare hungrily at all the pies, both sweet and savory. As you begin to crave pies, it’s good to remember that Teeny has a pie cookbook without which no baking literature is complete.


Chaia signed a lease to launch its first brick-and-mortar taco shop at 3207 Grace Street, NW in the heart of Georgetown.  The shop will continue to provide the same simplicity, freshness and flavor that led to the long lines at the Dupont Circle and White House Freshfarm Markets for the last two years, but will include a larger selection of vibrant vegetarian taco combinations –all still served in freshly pressed and grilled corn tortillas. There will also be a variety of carefully crafted sides and natural drinks. Chaia will maintain its commitment to offering customers an artisanal product at an affordable price point.

Founders Bettina Stern and Suzanne Simon have worked together for over ten years to promote seasonal cooking as writers and food educators. They developed Chaia after identifying a niche market for the seasonal, flavorful and healthy food they loved to cook for their families and friends. Inspired by their personal experiences —Bettina’s from New York City and Suzanne from rural Ohio—they created the unique relationship between farmers and urban, street-style food to present a new culinary experience: “farm to taco”.

Chaia, at 3207 Grace Street NW, plans to serve lunch Tuesday-Friday, brunch Saturday and Sunday and dinner Tuesday-Sunday. For more information, please email

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Blind Dog Bakery Cookies


Good news for all you sexy Washingtonians with a sweet tooth: Beginning today, Blind Dog Cafe and Bakery cookies are for sale at Whole Foods P Street!  If you have ever been to the Cafe on the corner of Florida and W, you probably have tasted the AMAZING Milk & Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, the original flavor with a cult following that extends beyond DC. You also have probably considered naming your children after Greer, the magician behind all that gooey yumminess. You may have scoured the District to find all the spots where other goodies from the Bakery are sold.  Now there is one more spot on that list, and they sell 7 DIFFERENT FLAVORS.  A rundown:

Milk and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

The classic Blind Dog cookie that started it all and led to a clamor for more, thus launching the expansion of the Bakery side of operations. These cookies more than live up to the hype, and if you have lived your entire life without tasting one, now is the time to rectify that grave error.

Drip Drop Coffee Cookie – exclusive to Whole Foods P Street!

These delicious chewy cookies are made with dark roast Whole Foods organic brand Allegro coffee. Though any caffeine is baked off, the dark and sensual flavor of the coffee remains and is balanced with the addition of milk chocolate chips.  We may be biased, but trust us when we say we could eat these cookies all day long. ALL. DAY. LONG. With perhaps a cup of brewed Allegro coffee on the side for dipping purposes.

Salted Oat Cookie

Simple yet amazing, the salted oat cookie makes a great snack when you want dessert but don’t want something too sweet. Or eat one for breakfast and tell yourself that it’s just a really flat scone so it totally counts as healthy.  (Scones are healthy, right?)

Spiced Apricot Oat Cookie

This nontraditional oat cookie is perfect for the holidays, what with the ginger and cinnamon and the love that lives inside them. A fun take on the traditional Salted Oat Cookie, these are destined to become your go-to gift for everyone on your list (including yourself, of course).

Honeyed Sriracha Cookie

The third oat cookie in the lineup, the Honeyed Sriracha Cookie was inspired by our good friends and fellow Union Kitchen members TaKorean. They asked Greer to make them a Sriracha cookie to sell, and since she already makes amazing Sriracha scones, Greer knew it would be a cinch. The spicy flavor of the Sriracha hits you as an aftertaste, while the oats and pumpkin seeds add a nice crunch up front. You seriously have to try these things.

Peanut Butterscotched Cookie

As Greer says, “If I’m given a hard cookie and forced to eat it, I will soak it in milk for as long as it takes. Until the bubbles stop.”  But no need for that with these soft and chewy cookies!  With butterscotch chips and milk chocolate chips, the peanut butter becomes another added flavor instead of the whole focus like it is in a traditional peanut butter cookie. So good.

Peanut Butter Maple Date Cookie

This is closer to the traditional peanut butter cookie in that peanut butter is the base of this cookie. AND these cookies are vegan, which means that you can a) feed them to your dog, b) feed them to your hard-to-shop-for vegan friend, and c) feed them to yourself, because these are so amazing you won’t miss the butter or eggs one bit.  Other star ingredients include oat flour, dates, pumpkin seeds, and maple syrup.

As you can tell, all of these flavors are multidimensional and tasty, and if you don’t believe us, come to Whole Foods P Street Saturday 11am – 2pm to sample six of the flavors!  

We are so happy to be spreading the Blind Dog love to even more people.


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