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Compass Coffee is now available on Georgetown campus, serving quality beans to students and faculty members.- Georgetown Voice

Element [Shrubs] is more than just a healthy drink. Here are four simple mocktail recipes that will take your taste buds by the storm.- DrinkWire

Lindera Farm’s Elder Flower vinegar is featured in the Catching Flies drink at Daikaya Izakaya for the best cocktail you are not ordering.- Young&Hungry, CityPaper

Union Kitchen continues their pursuit to support

local start-ups and create jobs one city at a time. Here is a sneak peek on the new Ivy City facility.- ElevationDC 


B Corporation

A_BCorp_logo_NEG (1)Union Kitchen is proud to be joining the community of Certified B Corporations! Joining the ranks of over 1,200 corporations from over 120 industries and 38 countries. B Corporations are companies that work to solve social and environmental problems, and have been recognized for their success in doing so. To become a Certified B Corporation, Union Kitchen was evaluated by B Lab, the nonprofit that certifies and supports B Corporations. Certified B Corporations must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, as well as legally expand their corporate responsibilities to include consideration of stakeholder interests. Union Kitchen has made a commitment to consider the impact of our decisions on our employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and environment.

Union Kitchen has always considered our bottom line to be the world we wake up to each morning. In building the community in which we want to live, we have always worked hard to create opportunities in the neighborhoods and populations where they will have the biggest impact. As such, our kitchen and storefronts are driving urban revitalization and economic growth in underserved communities. Union Kitchen has driven the creation of over 350 jobs, with a focus on creating opportunities in underserved and chronically underemployed populations.

Union Kitchen’s full B Impact Report is available to the public at http://www.bcorporation.net/community/union-kitchen. Highlights from Union Kitchen’s B Impact Report include: Hiring or placing over 40 formerly incarcerated individuals, and nearly 10 individuals with disabilities, 100% of employees have option to own equity in the company, regular educational programing for all employees and members on entrepreneurship, and benefits that include green travel options like bike and carshare memberships.


Union Kitchen in the News


Swizzler, the new food truck in town, offers hot dogs with a twist, teaching old dogs new tricks – Thrillist

Zivot will be exhibiting at the Weston Price Foundation seminar on Healthy Traditional Diets – Weston Price Foundation

Raresweets leads the charge in creating a bakeshop with sweets and delights that run the gambit of baked goods – The Washington Post

Union Kitchen is part of the new wave of accelerating business development – National Geographic

Timber Pizza

timber pizza
What We Do
Timber Pizza Company is DC’s first and only mobile wood-fired pizza company.  Timber can be found at local farmers markets, breweries, festivals and catering private events.  Putting their own spin on traditional pizza and utilizing local ingredients, the Timber guys are always coming up with fresh and inventive flavors (Green Monster anyone?) for their ever-changing menu.

Who We Are
Andrew Dana and Chris Brady met while working at an education tech company in Georgetown in 2012.  They both had aspirations of founding their own business and a few short years later, Timber Pizza Company was born.  Dana grew up here in Washington’s own Mount Pleasant and always hoped to bring a first class pizza experience to the city he calls home.  Brady’s background in catering and their mutual love for great pizza fueled the duo to launch Timber as a mobile wood-fired pizza operation with hopes of eventually breaking ground on a brick and mortar establishment down the road.

Why We Went Into Food
First of all, Dana and Brady LOVE pizza, they eat it almost daily! They knew if they could make a product that they enjoyed, it would speak to the DMV.  Having both worked most recently in the technology industry before launching Timber, Dana and Brady bring an interesting approach to the culinary world.  Coming from the sales and marketing world; they understood that to make it, branding and visibility are paramount.  Having a passion and respect for great food while producing an authentic product they can be proud of remain the driving force behind the company.

What Have We Learned
After almost a year in business, there are new challenges and lessons being faced each day.  Knowing what they know now, they believe the “Just Do It” Nike mantra is the only true way of knowing whether an idea will succeed or fail.  Some of the truest lessons learned thus far revolve around not being afraid to fail and being able to adjust on the fly.  “You never know what challenges may arise and need to be able to read and react like a quarterback calling an audible to be successful.”

What We Love
Taste testing pizza!  But in actuality, interacting with customers and serving food to people is what drives Timber on a day to day basis.  “Without our loyal following and the new customers we meet every week, we wouldn’t have a business.”  While serving pizza in the frigid winter conditions has presented a new set of challenges, the guys love a warm summer day at the farmers market or local festival.

What’s Next
Coming off the heels of their first successful pop up held at the Dolcezza Gelato Factory, the guys are ramping up for their second busy season on the farmer’s market and festival circuit.  Partnering with local breweries such as DC Brau and private catering are also a large part of what Timber currently does on a week to week basis.  They have begun to search for brick and mortar locations as they hope to have a location people can get their Timber fix at 7 days a week.

Timber bros



What a great start to 2015! Fourteen of our members are nominated for a total of nine categories on Best of DC, 2015. Here is the list of the nominees. Show your love and support by voting for these amazing local brands.

Click the names to vote for your favorite businesses.


Best Bakery: Banana Love Muffins, Blind Dog Bakery, RareSweetsTeeny Pies and Whisked!

Best Coffee Shop: Blind Dog Cafe and Compass Coffee

Best Doughnuts: District Doughnuts

Best Ice-cream Shop: Milk Cult, Ice Cream Jubilee and RareSweets.

Best Pie: Teeny Pies and Whisked!



Best Food Truck: Federal City Bros.TaKorean and Swizzler

Best Korean: TaKorean

Best Pizza: Timber Pizza

Best Sandwich: Broodjes & Bier



Best Food Delivery Service: Ciao Chow