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University alumna getting tastes of success with cake pop company – Pops by Haley, owned by University of Maryland alumna Haley Raphael, first gained momentum from an Instagram post; with followers asking where they could buy her signature cake pops. Now just shy of her first year in business and producing out of Union Kitchen: Ivy City, Raphael estimates that she produces up to 1,000 pops daily. – The Diamondback 


In Love with the CacaoUndone Chocolate‘s Adam Kavalier is interviewed about the process of making bean-t0-bar chocolate, made from just organic cacao and organic cane sugar: “The name Undone comes from the commitment to transparency in the chocolate-making process, as well as the flavor preservation Undone upholds. Instead of clouding the cacao with sugars and additives, Undone lets its true flavors shine through, creating a natural, unprocessed taste with integrity,” – The Diamondback

EdibleDC – “Savory S’more” Fall 2015 Issue – The fall edition of EdibleDC features Wild Roots Apothecary Owner Colleen O’Bryant, as well as Go Chews from momme meals; highlighted as a perfect back-to-sch0ol snack. – EdibleDC

Biscuit Company Excites D.C. Foodies with Southern Flair – Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.’s Maurice Cherry reflects on becoming interested in food (“My mom was a terrible cook so I had to basically learn how to cook on my own. I would sneak out of bed late at night to watch the Food Network.”); and how Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. has grown from its start as a pop-up last year. – AFRO



The Cold Brew Can Wars: Who was first? Vigilante or Confluence?Confluence Coffee Co., which launched their canned nitro-cold brew coffee in early August, leads in the emergence of local “coffee in cans” throughout the District. – The Washington Post

Conscious Capitalism…Springboard for Expanding the Economy with Careful Environment Consideration in a Socially Responsible Manner


Chef Nadine of Nutrition Synergies is interviewed by Emerald Planet regarding Conscious Capitalism; starting Nutrition Synergies, and issues such as food deserts. – The Emerald Planet


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Baby Boomers Back In the D.C. Startup Game, Working With Their Kids – Meredith Tomason, owner and pastry chef of Rare Sweets, is among the many business owners in D.C. who have teamed up with a parent on a business venture – WAMU 88.5



Dirty South Deli talks Mr. Chips Sandwich, Curbisde Cookoff in live WJLA broadcast



Tacos in Washington: An overstuffed wrap up of the local tacosphere – Washington Post on the District’s “tacosphere,” featuring Members Chaia DC  as “Best Vegetarian Taco” and Alumni Takorean for “Best Hybrid Taco.” – The Washington Post

How Union Kitchen’s Expansion will Affect the DC Food Scene – Washington City Paper takes a look inside Union Kitchen: NoMa, Union Kitchen Grocery, and our recently opened space, Union Kitchen: Ivy City, where over 150 Union Kitchen Members – including Takorean, Raresweets, Ice Cream Jubilee, Capital Kombucha, Chaia, JRINK Juicery, Undone Chocolate, Pops by Haley, and Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. – have started or grown their businesses. – Washington City Paper

Taste Testing DC-Made Union Kitchen Products – Washington City Paper conducts an “unscientific taste test” of a handful of our 100+ local products made in Union Kitchen, including Undone Chocolate, Bear’s Made, District Cheese, Emma’s Bake Shop, and Sweet Far Sauerkraut with results ranging from “I would easily eat the whole bag by myself while watching TV,” and “Would be eaten up in about 10 seconds if you put it out with your party spread as guests come over.” – Washington City Paper


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Congratulations to PinUp Preserves and SweetPots Mason Jar’d Desserts, whose Kiva Zip campaigns are now fully funded! See other Members who are currently participating in a Kiva Zip campaign here

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Grateful Bread uses baking as a means to elevate workers –  Eat Bread; Do Good: The Express looks at the premise behind Grateful Bread, and its committment to hiring those who are often overlooked by other employers. – The Washington Post Express


That empty patch of grass? That could be the District’s next farm – “Now, the District is one of those cities where wide-eyed young people look at empty lots next to Auto Zones and think: This would be the perfect place for a farm,” writes the Washington Post, examining the proliferation of Urban Farming in D.C. – including the “grandaddy of D.C. farms” from Union Kitchen Member Common Good City Farm.  – The Washington Post












The Building Museum’s “Beach” Will Live On at Dupont Underground – The National Building Museum’s “The Beach” exhibit – where Union Kitchen set up shop (a Snack Shop, that is) for the summer; featuring dozens of Members at both the exhibit’s concessions and weekly Late Night events – has reached the end of its run. The exhibit, however, will be repurposed as part of the Dupont Underground. – The Washingtonian

Congratulations to the many Members nominated for “Best of” DC awards, including Chaia, The Capital Candy Jar, Dirty South Deli, Pops by Haley, and Alumni Whisked!, Ice Cream Jubilee, and Takorean. – The Washington Post Express