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Milk Cult Founder On Why Sales Pitches are Like Dating

Ed Cornell, Co-Founder and CEO of Milk Cult, has always been obsessed with ice cream. He likes everything about it — the taste, the smell, the experience. It’s the perfect vehicle for blending unexpected flavors with a familiar classic. After spending time in kitchens and working for catering companies, Ed decided to turn his obsession into a company of his own.

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JRINK Co-Founder Discusses Female Empowerment, Food as Medicine, and Workdays that End at 9pm

After spending time on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs, Jrink Juicery Co-founder and CEO, Shizu Okusa, decided she wanted a more tangible and socially impactful outlet for her finance skills. She landed in Mozambique, working with local farmers on raising capital, before heading over to Bali to learn about healing through food.

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