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SoapBox Dishes About Their Life-Changing Soap

Soap is something that is on everyone’s grocery list. It’s not a one-time buy and it’s not something people go out of their way to purchase. We wanted to make a product that is universal; that allowed people to participate in giving back to those simply by buying something that was already on their list.

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Bright Greens Shaking Up the Smoothie Industry

Brian Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Bright Greens, worked in the natural food industry for almost a decade. Knowing first hand how great nutrition can lead to a longer and better life, he and his wife drank green smoothies every day, feeling great and living an active lifestyle. However, after the birth of their first child, the smoothies fell by the wayside — who had time for the shopping, cleaning, chopping, blending, and washing up that you have to do for a green smoothie? 

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Margarita Womack: Bringing Empanadas to the Masses

Margarita grew up in Colombia playing in her father’s restaurants. She loved the tastes, smells, and experiences of food. But fast forward to three kids and a busy professional life later, and finding time for healthy, quality meals became nearly impossible. 

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