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GoMix Founders on Friendship, Entrepreneurship, and Hard Decisions

Lifetime best friends and co-founders of GoMix, Matt and Sava, dived head first into the food business after being unable to find a good tasting and healthy on-the-go snack. They wanted something that was convenient, delicious, and filling, to support their active lifestyles. After countless trials and many (many!) taste tests, Matt and Sava launched a line of superfood trail mix, using only raw, whole ingredients with no added sugars, oils, or salts.

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A Joke That Went Too Far: Snacklins and The Journey to Snack Revolution

Snacklins launched in 2016 with an idea: make people’s lives 1% better. It doesn’t seem like much, but in founder Samy K’s view, it’s what the world needs. Starting with a handful of local accounts in Washington, D.C., Snacklins grew quickly with the support of avid customers. They added more accounts across the Mid-Atlantic during their first year, dominating those before expanding to the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.

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Want to be Fancy Schmancy? Kathleen Tozzi Knows How

Founder and CEO of The Fancy Schmancy Co., Kathleen Tozzi, has always loved sharing good food with others. From a young age, she worked in a family restaurant and helped her parents throw huge parties. After graduating from culinary and hospitality school, Kathleen worked her way up at Whole Foods Market, learning the ins and outs of leadership, management, and a great cheese board. Eventually, Kathleen decided that she wanted to turn this passion into a career.

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