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Tortilladora Founder Pays His Bills Doing What He Loves — Making Tacos

Growing up, Ed McIntosh’s education was two-fold: at school, he mastered his multiplication tables and after school, he learned to appreciate food. Young Ed would accompany his mother to delis, butcher shops, and fishmongers in their Bronx neighborhood and then work on his homework at the kitchen table where the delicious aromas of his mother’s cooking would surround him. Because passion for food was instilled in Ed from a young age, he naturally chose a career in the food industry.

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Milk Cult Founder On Why Sales Pitches are Like Dating

Ed Cornell, Co-Founder and CEO of Milk Cult, has always been obsessed with ice cream. He likes everything about it — the taste, the smell, the experience. It’s the perfect vehicle for blending unexpected flavors with a familiar classic. After spending time in kitchens and working for catering companies, Ed decided to turn his obsession into a company of his own.

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