Ways to Win


We believe that great team members are made through coaching. Everyone comes to Union Kitchen with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses and its through coaching our teams that we improve. It requires a mindset that you can get better and a commitment to growth.


We show up for our customers. We show up for our team. We are open every day of the year--on holidays and in snowy weather. We try to understand what our customers need from us and provide it. We are consistent with the food and drinks we make to, so that our customers know what they can expect from us every day.


Our teams are built to support each other. Whether it is our Distribution team delivering products to one of our stores. Or one of our stores coordinating a demo with a Maker on a busy evening. Or our knowledge of an unmet demand that supports new product development. Union Kitchen is made up of teams working together toward our mission. Our positive contributions toward one another creates a winning culture.


Through engagement with our customers and the products we offer we learn a lot. We form opinions, become fans, and have a reference point for people’s questions. But most importantly, engagement builds connections between our community and the things we make and sell.


When people are passionate about something they can not contain that excitement. They share it. Their excitement breeds more excitement and passion in others--it’s contagious! So find something you love at Union Kitchen and dig in to it.


Everyone can think of a time when someone’s niceness in an interaction or tense situation lead to a better result. Maybe it isn’t always the easiest path, but it is the most rewarding. People who are compassionate towards others are more likely to gain trust, and are often happier as a result of their own niceness. We want to be friendly, welcoming, and accommodating in everything we do at Union Kitchen.